Customizing (Y)our Tryton

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Who am I?

Sergi Almacellas Abellana

  • (Python ♥) Programmer
  • Open source enthusiast
  • Tryton commiter since Nov 2013

What are we going to do?

  1. (Small) Introduction to Tryton
  2. Install Tryton
  3. Customize it
  4. Save (Y)our customizations in a module

Software requirements


  1. Python (of course)
  2. pip
  3. sqlite
  4. python-lxml installed (or development headers to compile it)
  5. Mercurial


  1. Use a virtualenv
  2. Do not use windows (if possible)
  3. Use python2.7 (otherwise you should run 2to3)

What is tryton?

  1. Application Platform
  2. Usually for building erps (but not limited)

But also:

  1. Community
  2. Foundation
  3. Open Source without lock-in

Tryton Architecture

3 Thiers:

  1. Application Server (trytond)
  2. Clients: GTK (tryton) and Javascript(sao)
  3. DBMS: PostgreSQL/SQLite/MySQL/(Oracle)

Designed for modularity

Each module adds:

  1. Dependencies
  2. Models
  4. Database configuration
  5. Static Data

What is a tryton module?

A Python Package

Get the base module

hg clone

Open the README and start reading/coding...

Get in touch:

Or if you want to speak with me privately

sergi (at) koolpi (dot) com

The presentation code is avaiable on